How to stop auto-scrolling at the top instagram

Are you tired of constantly being pushed to the top of your Instagram feed every time you refresh the app or open a new page? If so, you’re not alone. Many users find the auto-scrolling feature at the top of Instagram to be frustrating and disruptive to their browsing experience.

How to stop auto-scrolling at the top instagram

But fear not! There are ways to put an end to this pesky problem and regain control of your scrolling. In this article, we learn about “How to Stop Auto-Scrolling at the Top of Instagram” in easy words.

Understanding the Issue

The auto-scrolling feature at the top of Instagram is designed to keep users engaged with the latest posts and stories from accounts they follow.

While this can be useful for staying up-to-date with friends and influencers, it can also be a nuisance when you’re trying to browse your feed at your own pace.

How to Stop Auto-Scrolling

Disable Automatic Refresh

One way to prevent auto-scrolling at the top of Instagram is to disable the automatic refresh feature. To do this, simply go to your Instagram settings and look for the option to turn off automatic refresh.

Once disabled, you’ll no longer be automatically taken to the top of your feed every time new content is available.

Use Third-Party Apps

Another option is to use third-party apps that allow you to customize your Instagram experience. These apps often come with features that let you control how your feed is displayed, including the ability to disable auto-scrolling.

While not officially endorsed by Instagram, many users find these apps to be effective in stopping auto-scrolling and improving their browsing experience.

Take Control of Your Instagram Experience

By following these tips, you can put an end to auto-scrolling at the top of Instagram and enjoy a more seamless browsing experience. Whether you choose to disable automatic refresh or explore third-party apps, the key is to find a solution that works best for you.

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Q: What is auto-scrolling on Instagram?

Auto-scrolling on Instagram refers to the feature that automatically takes users to the top of their feed whenever new content is available.

Q: Why is auto-scrolling at the top of Instagram frustrating?

Auto-scrolling can be frustrating because it interrupts the browsing experience and makes it difficult to scroll through your feed at your own pace.

Q: Can I disable auto-scrolling on Instagram?

A: Yes, you can disable auto-scrolling by turning off the automatic refresh feature in your Instagram settings.

Q: Are there any third-party apps that can help stop auto-scrolling?

A: Yes, there are third-party apps available that allow you to customize your Instagram experience and disable auto-scrolling.

Q: How do I find and install third-party apps for Instagram?

A: You can search for third-party Instagram apps in your device’s app store and follow the instructions to install them on your device.

Q: Will disabling auto-scrolling affect my Instagram experience?

A: Disabling auto-scrolling may change the way you interact with Instagram, but it can also provide a more seamless browsing experience tailored to your preferences.

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