What does error feedback required mean on Instagram?

If you’ve ever found yourself on Instagram and suddenly received the message “Error Feedback Required,” you might be wondering about its significance and how to handle it. Fear not!

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into everything you need to know about this enigmatic error message and how to navigate it smoothly.

What does error feedback required mean on Instagram?

What does “Error Feedback Required” mean?

When the “Error Feedback Required” message pops up on Instagram, it’s signaling that something isn’t quite right with your account.

This could stem from various reasons, such as a potential breach of Instagram’s community guidelines, detection of suspicious activity on your account, or even a technical glitch in the system.

Feedback Required

The term “feedback required” implies that Instagram needs some form of response or action from your end to address the issue.

This might involve providing feedback on a reported post, confirming your identity through a security check, or acknowledging a potential security threat detected on your account.

Resolving the Error

So, what steps should you take upon encountering the “Error Feedback Required” message? Let’s break it down:

Review Community Guidelines

Begin by reviewing Instagram’s community guidelines to ensure that you haven’t inadvertently breached any rules. If you believe the error occurred due to a misunderstanding, you can file an appeal through the appropriate channels.

Complete Security Checks

If Instagram prompts you to undergo a security check, follow the provided instructions to verify your identity. This may entail confirming your email address or phone number, answering security questions, or providing additional documentation.

Seek Assistance

If you’re unable to resolve the error independently, don’t hesitate to reach out to Instagram’s support team for assistance. They can offer personalized guidance and aid you in troubleshooting the issue effectively.

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Encountering the “Error Feedback Required” message on Instagram can be frustrating, but it’s essential to remain composed and follow the necessary steps to resolve the issue.

By understanding the underlying cause of the error and taking appropriate action, you can swiftly restore normalcy to your Instagram experience.

Remember to stay informed about Instagram’s policies and guidelines to ensure a positive and seamless user experience.


  1. What does “Error Feedback Required” mean on Instagram?
    • The message means there’s a problem with your account that needs fixing. It could be because you did something against the rules, there’s suspicious activity, or it’s just a technical issue.
  2. How do I fix the “Error Feedback Required” message on Instagram?
    • To fix it, first, check if you broke any rules on Instagram. Then, do what it asks, like confirming your identity or giving feedback.
  3. What if I didn’t do anything wrong and still got the message?
    • If you think it’s a mistake, you can tell Instagram. You might need to contact them directly or use their reporting system.
  4. How long does it take to solve the “Error Feedback Required” message?
    • It depends on what caused the problem and how quickly you respond. Sometimes it’s quick, but other times it might take longer.
  5. Can I avoid getting the “Error Feedback Required” message in the future?
    • You can try by following the rules and keeping your account safe. Be careful not to do anything that might cause problems, and if something does happen, deal with it quickly.
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